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October 26, 2013

Behind the scenes at the Caviart photo shoot.

This is why you never hire a writer to get the photos. Here are my fuzzy, out of focus cell phone shots taken during a photo session for Caviart’s founders. And a couple of great cocktails featured in the premier issue. Want to know more…you’ll have to wait until January…

IMG-20131025-00204 IMG-20131025-00202 IMG-20131025-00205 Gatineau-20131025-00217 Gatineau-20131025-00214 Gatineau-20131025-00218 IMG-20131025-00206 Gatineau-20131025-00213 Gatineau-20131025-00212 Gatineau-20131025-00209 (1) IMG-20131025-00207

May 4, 2013

You go, girl!

Love the infographic, but I wish there were more cities in the list…and I’d really like to see one of these for Canadian cities as well. Also, check out the tips — I’ve used each and every one of them and they work.